Traversing Walls:

In recent years a large part of our business has been installing traveversing and climbing walls in schools all over the United Kingdom. To date we have installed in excess of 250. This includes small walls in nursery schools with just a few holds on, up to a High School wall with over 300 holds on.

To install a traversing wall, holds are bolted on to an exisiting wall using stainless steel bolts and chemical anchors. The chemical anchors are a short threaded tube that is fixed into a hole drilled in the wall using epoxy resin. These holes are shallow enough so that they don't go through the brick nor do they affect the damp course.

The footholds are attached to the wall so that they are a maximum of 600mm from the ground with the majority being around 300 mm from the ground. This complies with standards for playground fall heights and means that a special safety surface is not required.

The hand holds are positioned at a suitable distance from the footholds to prevent children from climbing upwards.

Follow the link for pictures of our Traversing Walls

We have also designed and built plywood panelled bouldering walls in school gyms, pictures of which can be found on the Climbing Walls gallery.